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Find Your Love [radio edit] - the new single from Cam Butler

Cam has a new single out now, a precursor to a new album release later in 2017.

Find Your Love [radio edit] is the title track to the new album from Cam Butler. A fourteen piece string section, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, it's a complete mini orchestra, an exciting sound and Cam's best work to date. The single has been especially edited for radio. Find Your Love is full of sweeping melodies and lush textures. It has a sound unlike anything else.

Cam has a Pozible crowdfunding campaign up and running, to source funds to complete the album's production. There are some nice rewards involved and it's a chance to pre-order the album too.

go to Cam's Pozible campaign

Find Your Love will be released in August 2017 and an album launch concert with a 16 piece band will be held on Saturday September 2 at the Richmond Theatrette.


Self Portrait :: out now ::

Cam Butler (Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love, The Coralinas, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions, Silver Ray) is a unique electric guitarist and composer with an instantly recognisable sound. Rather than relying on fx, Cam uses plectrums, his fingers, found objects, brushes, capos and tunings to fashion his soulful, 21st century guitar music. A lover of the sound of strings, he has composed epic music for string quartets, string orchestras, singers and bands.

His new album, Self Portrait, is a collection of solo electric guitar instrumentals floating on a cushion of mysterious, other-worldly electro-acoustic backings. It's up on Soundcloud as a mixtape:

Here's Self Portrait on Bandcamp:


Other recent recordings include 2012's Save My Soul, which features a 23 piece string orchestra and, also from 2012, Lonely World, an EP of 4 songs from Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love. Both these recordings and more can be listened to and purchased on Cam's Bandcamp page.

Save My Soul ::

To listen and download a high resolution version (or mp3's) of Save My Soul, please click below to go to the Cam Butler Bandcamp page.

Please click on the Paypal Buy Now button below to buy mail order cds, $25 (AUS), postage paid, worldwide. Paypal is easy, safe and secure and accepts all major credit cards. Cds will be posted to you within 3 days.

Save My Soul (2012) - here's a video by Jake Simkin of the title track to Save My Soul. From a suite of 5 videos especially created for the whole album.


To purchase copies of any of Cam's older albums (Crazy Dreams, Go Slow, Healing Feelings etc) please click here