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Welcome to Silver Ray's mini web site where you can buy our new album, Homes For Everyone, online via Paypal. It's easy, safe and secure and Paypal accepts all major credit cards. Cds will be posted to you anywhere in the world within 3 days.

Homes For Everyone



" Silver Ray is proud to announce the release of their 4th album Homes For Everyone. Unlike its predecessor, Humans (2004) which was recorded entirely live in four short hours, Homes For Everyone has been borne of a markedly different process, carefully recorded from November 2006 to March 2007. It is the sound of three committed and dedicated musicians stretching their wings and imaginations, utilizing layered overdubs, an array of instrumental colour, and for the first time featuring compositions by all three members of the band. Intent on breaking new ground, Silver Ray present 10 new tracks that manage to be both concise and cinematic, resulting in dramatic shifts of mood throughout. We think that Homes For Everyone is Silver Ray's best album yet, destined to become a bona fide modern classic. "

Silver Ray is Cam Butler (guitar), Brett Poliness (drums) and Julitha Ryan (keyboards). Since 1999 they have cast a spell over audiences in Australia and Europe with their spirited rock sonatas, releasing 3 albums to local and international acclaim. Mysterious and compelling, Homes For Everyone sets a new high standard for one of Australia's finest instrumental bands.

Review quotes for Homes For Everyone :

"Where this band takes you is the place all music should come from."
Greg Phillips  Australian Musician Magazine

"Unless Silver Ray give us another, I doubt if there will be too many better albums this year."
Tony McMahon  Inpress Magazine

"Silver Ray exist on their own musical planet, far away from what anyone else is doing."
Andrew Ramadge   Mess & Noise

"... cinematic compositions that can move the listener to tears, tension or tumescence."
Jarrod Watt ABC  Radio Ballarat